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My child’s father left me for the same woman that he cheat

My child’s father left me for the same woman that he cheated on me with & gotten pregnant. After finding out she was pregnant he led me on and made me believe we’d work through this and that he loved me. He lied about not knowing she was pregnant but come to find out he known since the beginning and he had been dating her while we were still together. Just last week he told me that he wanted to be with her and she was standing there the whole time saying nasty things to me. Things got physical and she hit me in the face with my daughter in my arm. He made me pack my things and take a Uber home. This is one of the most hurtful things I’ve been through. I feel hurt, betrayed and lost.

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May 27

Don’t ever talk to him! Take your daughter, take care of her and never look back to your old spouse... he doesn’t deserve the two of you. I am so sorry :( I know things will be fine, you just have to be patient and lose contact with him forever

May 27

You deserve better than that. As an aside- if he cheated on u, he will cheat on her. People don't change unless they get therapy. Get your feelings out and let him go. God closes one door and opens another Hopefully you can use this moment to help you find someone who will cherish you and your child. This is where u put your child first in that u don't have a relationship that is negative as this is how and where her self esteem and concepts of what relationships are like comes from and u want her to have healthy not hurtful relationships.

May 27

I remember when I broke up with my ex a lot said oh you’re a great Mam, that’s tough going on your own, focus on your children, it was all true but none of it helped as such! if I had a support group like this number one to vent and chat to ppl in similar positions or had gone through it it would have been great for me, also the part about concentrating on your child does work even though you’re hurting just as much, in a way when I concentrated on my sons it’s helped me heal and concentrate solely on them. It was hard cus I was suffering and thought no one understood and the truth is some of them didn’t cus they hadn’t been through it they understood parts, get a little bit of your own time, spend precious time with your daughter & it will fall into place xx


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