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Hi everyone, I am really stressed, nervous and scared. I fee

Hi everyone, I am really stressed, nervous and scared. I feel really bad writing this because I know everyone has their own things going on in their life. Right now I am looking for work and recently lost my car. I am 20 weeks pregnant and have two children. I started a go fund me page titled Transportation for Tianna to try to get some help. I also now don't even have enough money to pay my rent. Sorry I'm just freaking. I came here to try to get help with sharing my go fund me page but I actually like to just sent too. Thank you

Dec 5

You can call 211 they will be able to help you find resources in your area. This is a online support group only they do not allow soliciting of any kind as far as I know.

Dec 5

Thank you. Sorry, it actually did seem to help me just saying how stressed I am out loud. Thank you for your reply.


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