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Im 18 weeks and I still don't really feel the baby moving. I

Im 18 weeks and I still don't really feel the baby moving. It's scaring the hell out of me. Is it possible that I just can't distinguish the movement from gas bubbles still? I want to feel the baby move, but I think I'm still confused by what I'm looking for. Any advice on how to distinguish movements from bodily functions? Also wouldn't mind personal experiences if you had anything similar to help calm me down

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Aug 18

It feels like a butterfly lightly fluttering its wings.

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Aug 19

@artisticchaos I like those names. The boys name is strong and dependable feeling. And the girls name sounds like life and beauty and soul...just like the city. How are you holding up with the symptoms and body changes?

Aug 21

Hey there, Mama!

Congratulations on your little one! I'm very excited for you. I understand the anticipation of wanting to feel you little one moving inside of you. It's a wonderful and amazing feeling to feel life growing inside of you. I have many first time moms ask me this question in my practice (I'm a birth doula) and it's perfectly normal to not feel baby moving just yet. The further along you get the more you'll be able to feel them moving inside of you. By the third trimester (28 weeks) your provider will instruct you to do daily "kick counts" to keep track of movement. 'Kick Count" can be misleading though because what they are really wanting to track is movement, not necessarily kicks. So, at that point kicks, punches, hiccups, swirls, all count toward that "kick count". 10+ per hour is the aim. Once you get to the third trimester your provider will give you more instructions.

As for right now, you may feel something from time to time like the sensation of having "butterflies" or "fluttering" in your stomach. That's the baby. ;-)

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