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Lost may baby at 9 weeks on April 5th. More than 5 months l


Lost may baby at 9 weeks on April 5th. More than 5 months later I am still and emotional wreck and feel so isolated and alone. No one, not even my husband, seems to understand the grief I feel. I feel so alone. What have you ladies done to combat this? Does it EVER get easier? One on one therapy has not been a breakthrough.

Sep 11

I’m so sorry to hear that. I lost my baby last year in February and it was very hard for me because no one seems to understand how you feel. My boyfriend did understand and made me feel a little better but after that day he doesn’t like talking about it. I slowly began to come to terms with it. But every now and then I still cry about it. It does get a bit easier but seeing someone pregnant or with a baby always makes me think of how old mine would have been now. You are not alone reading forums like these is what helped me feel a little better about it.

Sep 12

My husband has moved on and is getting really tried of talking about the lost baby and my feelings about it. It is really hard because he seems to want to be supportive but he gets frustrated with the same conversations over and over again. I haven't figure out how to move on fast enough for him.
I feel like our marriage didn't get stronger through this, all of the cracks are now showing instead. My husband wants to try again, which I'm not opposed to, but it still won't bring back my lost baby so I feel like I need to deal with the first loss before I move on and he doesn't get that. I feel a little bit like he thinks it won't hurt if we manage to get pregnant again. I'm not as sure and my therapist has scared me with stories about how the next pregnancy may be filled with even more anxiety.

Sep 12

I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, have miscarried...February 26, 2011. For me, time healed my wounds and I have been able to accept that it was not meant to be, even if I don't know why. There's a book called "Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving With Hope After Miscarriage and Loss" by Adriel Booker that I think would be very helpful to you. You mentioned therapy...what about bringing your husband to a few sessions so the two of you can process this together and be ok with whatever step of the journey each of you are on...even if it's a different step. I pray you will find peace, comfort and acceptance as you continue to grieve your loss.


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