january 18 2017 baby John Alfred. O. Sidon was born to us he

january 18 2017 baby John Alfred. O. Sidon was born to us he was just 5 months old in the womb of my wife and we know he will never make it but he was born alive and stayed with us for 30 mins. before he returned to heaven i was a father of a baby with wings now and i know that someday we will see each other , 30 mins is not enough to tell him we love him so much so we grieve for our little boy but i know their comes a day that our family together with my baby alfred will be reunited and when that day comes i will hold my son and show him that i love him so much and nothing can separate us that moment but for now i can only have him in memories and dreams until that moment of eternity comes i love you so much baby alfred i know that you are with God now we will miss you your mama always missed you like i do we will never forget you
- your Papa. Alvic

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Feb 18, 2017

I am sorry for your loss, but find hope and encouragement that your child is with God. I am praying for you and your family, I pray you find strength and comfort in God. Lean on God in this hard time and one another. That is really special that you are able to go by the cemetery every Sunday, cherish that time together until you do meet your son again.

Feb 19, 2017

thanks for your support and prayers yes i know that my son is with God now and in much better situation but its really comforting to have someone to talk to about these things because here in our place you can not talk about this often i mean you can but they dont give much attention or importance about this matter they always say you are not to mourn for thats just a baby but honestly it really hurts even you know that your child is in much better situation right now for missing him so much

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Feb 19, 2017

@Alvic It is terrible that not much care and compassion is given you and your wife in your time of need. I know every place is different, but we are all human beings that require basic needs. You and your significant other deserve compassion, support, and love to help get you through this loss. I hope you find what are looking for in this online support group, because no one should have to feel that the loss of an unborn child is anything less than life altering and devastating. God bless.


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