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I lost my baby 2 years ago right before Easter at 12 weeks..

I lost my baby 2 years ago right before Easter at 12 weeks.. Today has been really hard on me, the few people who have said happy mothers day to me i thank. But in the back of my head i feel like a horrible mother because i lost him/her..

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May 16

Thank you both so much. I have tried talking to a counselor, it didn't help too much sadly.. Hugs and love to you too @littlestarsmum

May 17

I am so sorry for your loss. My DIL went to grief counseling for losing children/miscarriages and said it really helped her.

May 18

I know how you feel I just lost my baby about 5 weeks ago and on mother's day I was at work and just hearing my coworkers telling a mom to be happy mothers day torn me apart completely I just broke righy down and I cried for the rest of the day


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