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I had two miscarriages earlier. Always irregular periods. Af


I had two miscarriages earlier. Always irregular periods. After last miscarriage I waited to come period and It came after 37 days. Then I tried to conceive again. Since the first day of my last period it 50 days late now. 3 times Negetive pregnancy test urine and blood both. What should I do? I always feel pregnant. Feel tired always and having white discharge. I'm now 26 years old. We've been trying to conceive for 3 years. two miscarriages occurs....feeling so depressed....Me and my husband want baby very badly. But failed two times. Now hopping to happen it with positive and stable pregnancy. Always keeping faith in God. Please pray for me and please give me any kind of suggestions I would love to accept.

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Jun 6

Hey, it’s very sad to hear from you. The thing that inspires me is that you still having hope. That’s the plus point in your journey. I am sure you will pass this phase .you will get what your desire. My best friends wife was in the same situation. Her in-laws didn't support her. She then moved to Europe. She visited clinics in London. She opts IVF. Her IVF was successful. Now my friend has 3 babies. His family is completed after 10 years of struggle. You are very positive towards life. So best of luck my dear friend

Jun 9

Hi. How are you doing? I hope things are great at your end. I am really grieved to know about your loss. I can relate to your pain. I am so sorry for you. Don't get upset now. There is always a hope. You can try again. My sister had gone through surrogacy. She moved to Ukraine. She could not conceive naturally. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctors were quite good in their suggestions. The staff was cooperative. It was a wonderful experience for her. She is now a blessed mother. I think you should go for it too. Give it a try. All the very best to you.

Jun 9

I am sorry for your pain, I can relate first hand, I had 5 miscariages over 16 yrs ago. It took me a long time to forgive myself, and was angry for a long time. I had so many complications before and following these events. But, by the grace of God I was able to have two children years later. No words can take the pain away. However, forgiveness is essential in the healing process.


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