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I had a miscarriage late August. It was a heavy learning exp

I had a miscarriage late August. It was a heavy learning experience as I was not prepared for any of it. It’s been over a month since I miscarried naturally and there are times I think I’m over it and then there are random times I’m triggered and I just get really emotional and angry about what I went through. I joined because I realize that I still hold a lot of anger towards this misfortune and I don’t know how to talk to people about it who have never had to deal with it. Hoping to fin closure and heal from this.

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Oct 8

Thank you! Hugs accepted!!

Oct 12

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, girl. My heart ached as I read your post, and I wish I could give you a hug. I know how difficult and devastating it must be for you to go through this. It's important to let yourself go through the process and give yourself as much time as you need. Please know that you can always come here to share and I'm here to support you. It gives so much relief when we share with good listeners. I just said a prayer for you, and I hope that God will surround you with His comfort and heal you whenever you hurt. I'd also suggest that you talk to a grief counselor. I know it's not easy, but stay strong. Hugs!

Oct 14

I am so very sorry for you loss. I have gone through this painful experience as well so I understand all the emotions you are going through. You are grieving. You have suffered a huge loss. Not only the physical loss of your growing baby, but all the hopes and dreams that came with it. What you are experiencing are normal emotions. Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. I'm not sure you will ever completely get over it. It is possible to heal and move on, but I think we mourn the loss forever, and that's ok. It's been 10 years since I had my miscarriage and have had two more children since. There are many days I still think about that baby, especially around the due date and around when I miscarried. I think I will always feel that there is a small part of me missing in this world. It did help me to reach out and share my experience and allow others to love on me and support me even though they may not have fully understood. Just knowing they loved me enough to be there and give a shoulder to cry on made a huge difference. You will get through this. Hugs to you!

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