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I ever shared about my missed miscarriage episode here in Oc

I ever shared about my missed miscarriage episode here in Oct 2016. But the miscarriage happened in early 2016. In Nov 2016, I found out I was pregnant. I was very happy and so was my husband. I took extra precaution this time round not wanting the bad experience to happen again. We went for early ultrasound check when I was 6 going 7 weeks and we could see the heartbeat of our lil one. :')
But one day, all of the sudden, I had this brown discharge. We went to see the gynae the next day (as it was my appointment day), and went for ultrasound. I was so sad to find out that there was no heartbeat presence from the foetus. It was the exact same thing as my first pregnancy. It stopped growing - same size as it was in week 7. My previous experience was the same. The foetus stopped growing when it was in 7 weeks. I have so many questions in my mind, like why is it happening again? Why it happened. And there's no answers given by them. They just said its chromosomal abnormalities.
I'm still recovering now in all aspects physically, mentally and emotionally. Anyone has the same experience as me? Missed miscarriage twice within a year? With the same exact experience for both encounters?

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Feb 16, 2017

It is heartbreaking, I know! I would consider going to a specialist and seeking answers, fertility treatments may be the way to go to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Hugs my dear!


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