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hi... i’m 16 (too young to be grieving over a baby i proba

hi... i’m 16 (too young to be grieving over a baby i probably didn’t need, i know you don’t have to tell me) i found out i was pregnant on may 25, 2018, i was so excited, being a mom was something i was so excited for. i told my boyfriend (him being 17 and already having a 20 month old, he was not impressed) i kept the excitement to myself. everything was great to me. june 2, 2018; i started bleeding. heavily. immediately i knew, i had lost it. i know i’m young, i know i didn’t know for a very long time. but i was so devastated. i’m still struggling, a lot. my boyfriend doesnt seem to be bothered. i feel broken. im stuck and i don’t know what to do. it’s not like i can just try again, i truly need help and kind words. anything is appreciated.

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Oct 11

It doesn't matter how old you are the loss is still a loss and it's still going to hurt. It's not easy to go through the what ifs and the who would they be. It's also not easy when you feel alone. Keep your head up.


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