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Hello All, I am new :) the reason I looked for a group is

Hello All,
I am new :) the reason I looked for a group is because I have been feeling really depressed lately. Its been 3 months and it still feels like yesterday. This would of been my first baby. Its gets hard when I see my friends post they baby bumps and so forth. I've been stress eating and now reality sink in harder because my pants don't fit. I'm concerned because I have not gotten my period since but I am afraid of going to the doctor
:( any advice

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May 4

@shadowluvsa7x I know, it is really hard! Try to have someone come with you.

May 15

Hi, I lost my baby in November and I can totally relate to how you are feeling. Have you thought about possibly going on a anti-depressant? After my miscarriage I became very depressed and almost took my own life. I ended up in the ER and they diagnosed me with post partum depression. I couldn’t believe it! I never even got to meet or hold my baby, but because of the influx of hormones it can happen. I know its hard to return to the same place, but it may be best to just get checked out and make sure everything is going okay. I’ll be praying for you and hoping for the best.

May 16

@Findingmyway_52 I totally understand how you were feeling as well I felt the same but all we can do is pray and move forward. I think we will try in a couple months, I am doing better now
:) i hope we can both heal and soon get blessed again ty for your comment truly appreciate it


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