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3 weeks later from miscarriage and I’m still crying I’m

3 weeks later from miscarriage and I’m still crying I’m so sad.

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Dec 7

I'm sorry for your loss. I empathize with you and what you're going through. But keep in mind that this too will p***. take time to grieve, don't let anyone tell you to "just get over it" or that "it's not that big a deal." They don't know what it's like to check the pregnancy tracker every day, excited for your growing baby, only to lose the life that was budding inside you. They don't get it. I miscarried in the toilet and my fiancee scooped the fetus out and buried it. This **** is no joke. I know how it feels to sit back and think "what did I do wrong?" but honey, you did nothing wrong. These things happen and there's no justice in it. It's a cruel card life throws at you. You have to remember that you're a warrior and you're going to make it through this and kick *** at life, hun.
Much love. -Emily

Dec 8

Is anyone active??

Dec 9

@Maritza2011 I think anger is a part of grief. It is part of the process. I agree. Life isn't fair. It is hard and messy. I am sorry you are having to face this all. Hugs for you. I do understand. If you want to keep talking, we can.


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