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I'm a 72 yr old single dad with a 12 yr old daughter. We're

I'm a 72 yr old single dad with a 12 yr old daughter. We're financially stable and she's a straight-A honor roll student. I divorced her mom about 6 yrs ago in Thailand and obtained full custody. She talks to her mom about once a week online and we have remained friends. So, what's our problem? Well, at my age and because I've lived overseas for so long, we have 0 friends except for my golfing buddies. Also, we have had our privacy invaded by people with their cell phones wanting to know if she is alright, because of the age difference. I have PTSD from Viet Nam war and a short fuse when my daugther is being questioned by total strangers. I'm afraid someone may get hurt, and then I could lose my daughter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 20

Hi ib,
Sounds like you've done a good job raising your daughter. Sorry strangers are questioning your daughter. Regarding having a short fuse, I guess you know that's a totally normal result of PTSD. But you're wise to try to strategize how to not act on it. First of all, have you gotten any treatment for the PTSD? Counseling? Meds? Support group? VA? Has anything helped? Second, sometimes veterans are given special help due to their PTSD - like some license plates or drivers licenses note "Vet" or "PTSD" or suchlike on them, so that the police know not to shine bright flashlights in their face. Is there anyone where you live that you could talk to about something similar? Like, if you attend church, a pastor? Or someone in the local government or police dept. who you trust? Do you have a doctor you trust? If so, could you talk to them about it? I'm really sorry these are such half-baked ideas; I hope something in there is helpful.

Jul 21

Thanks for your input and yes all these basics have been covered.

Jul 22

Bummer. You sound like a really responsible person. I hope someone with more knowledge than I will respond to you.


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