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Feeling helpless and always in pain. My situation is debilit

Feeling helpless and always in pain. My situation is debilitating and I’m struggling to find some hope on all this. I wish I had some people going through this to talk to, for advice on the next steps, encouragement, anything. Migraines are no joke and when they take over your life, all I can focus on is a better situation.

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Raine14's picture
Mar 12

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much. I've had chronic migraines for...hang on, I counted this the other day...16 years? Sounds about right. Anyway, never had any luck with medications, and I tried the whole gamut. Even spent 3 weeks hospitalized at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago as they tried all sorts of things. No dice.
There are a fews things that do ease the pain when the migraines are strong. Google "Headache Hat" or look on Amazon. It's a marvelous little thing that combines cold, pressure, and flexibility. It's like a wearable cold pack, eases the pain, and often lulls me straight to sleep (which is always a good thing in my book). Comfortable to wear too.
I've also tried some essential oils, which I was a little hesitant to do at first, because smells+pain? Not a great combo. But there are a lot of great migraine blends out there. I picked up Rocky Mountain Oils's "Migraine Support" which doesn't take away my pain, but still feels really good when I rub it on. Almost like it gives my head something good to feel instead of the pain. It also loosens up the muscles so I don't get a tension headache on top of that.
At a more basic level, invest in ear plugs and a sleep mask. And shop for the darkest pair of sunglasses with anti-glare, UV protection, etc. that you can get. It'll be pricey, but even on my worst days I can don my sunglasses and still peruse the internet for a couple of hours.

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nyerinwi's picture
Mar 12

Migraines absolutely suck. I have cronic migraines from post-concussion syndrome and I would say a good 9 out of 10 completely knock me out of the fight. There are days I would be absolutely estatic to have a 10/10 migraine on the pain scale. Typically it is around 50-100/10 on the pain scale. Best thing I do is dark room no noise except for a sound machine and take as much beta blockers as I can until its time to re-dose. Hope your experiences aren't this horrid

Mar 13

Thank you Raine14 for the helpful advice! Yes I’ve heard good things about the headache hat, it’s on my list of things to try soon. Always trying new things and seeing what works. Cold does help, especially when trying to sleep. Nyeriwin, so sorry to hear about that. When you’re pain you just have to do what to do to get through it. I have functional days (or at least moments) and yes some days are a complete nightmare with no let up. Thank you for your responses, I hope you get some relief soon and your situations improve!! Always wishing for the best.


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