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Waiting For The Man “I'm better than this” I lie to


Waiting For The Man

“I'm better than this”
I lie to myself
Looking around
At faces so lost
Eyes telling stories
Of lives so wasted
Desperate contenders
Where winners become losers
Fighting unseen demons
The grinding wheels
That never stop turning
Until incarceration
Or indignation
Take the last remaining

No longer living
But the living dead
A death internal
The smiles so hollow
When he brings my need
So glad to leave
But I'll be back
That's a fact

Wolves are baying at my door
The cycle set will not be broken
Cut asunder...till death do us part
That's just how it is
On the streets of meth

Dreams shall never be fulfilled
This demon sucks my breath away
Hard-earned that is lost so easily
Like taking candy from a baby
Give it up and all for what?
That fleeting feeling that I once got
Was once so fun but now habitual
The glass pipe has become my only ritual

On and on without a thought
For those who care
The few remaining
Their tears are wasted
A crying shame
But who's to blame
When the problem is they care too much
But I don't really care at all

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CKBlossom's picture
May 26

This is really powerful!


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