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What are everyone's hot flashes like, do they last seconds m

What are everyone's hot flashes like, do they last seconds minutes, is it different for everyone? Just curious

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Jul 9

Hey there! Great to see you stop in! Everyone is different but mine started off with just a few seconds. The more out of balance my hormones got (more specifically, when my estrogen levels are much higher than my progesterone levels) the worst my hot flashes became and lasted much longer. It got so bad at one point that i couldnt even work in the shade in my yard on a nice 72 degree day because my hot flashes made me feel like i was going to pass out (like a heat stroke) I got dizzy, disoriented, and had to go inside and put an icebag on my head. Once I got my hormones under control, i was able to work outside again and my hot flashes are back to short, flashes of heat sometimes feels like a sunburn on my face ...only lasts about 30 seconds or so. (If I get mad or frustrated, my hot flashes seem to be worst and last longer...luckily, mad and frustrated aren't on my daily menu anymore:)
Hope this helps...how are your symptoms? What are you struggling with the most?

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Jul 9

Mine would last for about 30 minutes. I had more problems with the night sweats. I didnt sleep for about 3 years. Finally went on HRT and it's made a world of difference.


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