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Something " new" is springing up and I am curious if anyone

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Something " new" is springing up and I am curious if anyone else experiences this : I am experiencing poor circulation while sleeping at night. Parts of my body will go numb and it wakes me up. So much for my much needed , restful sleep. My mother had hypothyroidism and I know the thyroid effects hormones. Also, we have a family history of colon cancer. This makes me more prone to that as well. I know I need to see a doctor ( I haven't in 5 years). I'm kind of terrified to be honest. Doctors did nothing to save my sister. Nothing.

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19 hours ago

@LollyNews OK I will check it out. Kitty got up, he is still adjusting, but man ....I need anothere soon. I will stretch first, though. Thanks.

19 hours ago

@chimama Yes I would likely end up turned all around and need help, Chimama .....I will keep it safe for now. Hope you are well.

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7 hours ago

Ok girls...Mr teeters, here we come! I've also always wanted one as well....I stretch numerous times a day but don't feel I quite get it all stretched out... with those grueling 14 hour days...stretching is about the only way I get thru it! I saw a teeters hang ups on Craigslist for $50...maybe I will check it out again.
Hope you girls had a beautiful day...I have to work tomorrow but will check in afetr work...I get Sunday OFF so I will be poolside all day! Hugs for all!


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