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Not too good. Looking for help with Menopause. Feel really

Not too good. Looking for help with Menopause. Feel really down and out and panicky off and on. Asking my dr for a med this afternoon. Things have become so much harder.

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Jun 30

@mechele he is so understanding and i shared some of your info to him.....he said 'this lady has it going on' would like him. it was my anxiety.
i hope your man is as wonderful. we have not been together too long, it was one of those things that happened fast, 2 years. both divorced, so we know how to give think in 2 different countries we wouldn't need space...ha. he is in the air force for us.

i hope you have a great night/day....thanks.

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Jul 1

@STANLEY065 so glad he is many women don't have any idea of what is going on, much less thwir significant others. It is so important to educate them so they know what to expect. I was very cummunicative with my husband so he knew what were triggers for my insane irritability so he could be careful not to trigger an episode that would turn into a days long event of anger, that would turn into depression afterwards because I felt so bad for acting out like that. I am so grateful that we got thru those very difficult few months together a few years ago. That's when I started doing my homework and funding what works best for me.
You can Google the list of 34 menopause symptoms and print it out ...I posted mine on the fridge and he could refer to it if he needed to.
Are you getting any exercise? Hopefully you are able to get out and walk or do some aerobic exercise... it helps so much!

Jul 1

@mechele yes and thank-you.
i walk everyday, with a cane because of my spine condition, but i push. 3 short walks a helps alot to move. my guy is so wonderful and i am grateful....and proud of him and what he does, which is more important that me.

how are you with everything going on. tough times out there for us all. be well and be safe.


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