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I need your opinion on two things to see if I am overreactin

I need your opinion on two things to see if I am overreacting:

1. 2 weeks ago I accidentally called my BF my ex-husband's name. I immediately apologized and explained that a friend and I had talked that day about my ex-husband. I found out tonight that my BF has been mad about that since then. When I asked him why he had not told me this when I had repeatedly asked if he was mad at me and why he had not said something before tonight he said that we handled things differently. I see that is pouting and petty. I didn't tell him that - I just said that I wished when I did or said something that upset him that he would tell him when it happened.

2nd - today has been a stressful day with worry about my friend and finding out that my car needs an $800.00 repair (which I do not have the money for). I have been upset all day and cried a lot. When I made the comment that I was tired of worrying about money, about my car and about the repairs needed to the house, my BF told me to stop worrying - that we would get through it. While I appreciate that thought it doesn't help. When I told him that it was not that easy and him telling me to stop worrying was not really listening to what I was feeling and my perception. When I went on to explain that as an example when I went in the bathroom and saw all the repairs needed that it physically made me sick. He told me that all of that was "superficial" and I needed to stop worrying. When I told him that he was not listening to me and to stop telling me how to feel, he told me that I was arguing. I just walked away.

Am I overreacting by being upset with the way our conversations went this evening? I feel so defeated. We had a really good conversation not too long ago about our relationship and I really thought things were getting better. And this happens and I feel like we are back to where we were.

Thanks ladies for letting me vent.

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Nov 14

Thank all of you for your support. It means a lot. Mechele - we have known each other for 34 years. We met in college. We started dating in 2011 and he moved in with me in 2014. The first few years were great. It's just been the last couple of years that have been not so good.

Good news - my friend is going home tomorrow!!! She has a very bad UTI infection and will have to be on antibiotics for a month. She has a friend that is a home health care nurse who will stay with her.

Thanks again ladies!!!

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Nov 14

If I may add....No you are not over reacting at all and for him to say you are arguing is just an excuse or he just doesn't understand your needs at the moment. Try not to worry too much it's not good for us when we worry too much, but then again that's a woman for you huh. Hugs

Nov 16

Thank you ladies. The past week was a mess with work, my best friend being so ill, money problems, etc. that I was feeling very overwhelmed. Feeling better now. My friend is home. My BF paid for my car to be fixed (he can be nice) and I am calling a real estate agent to look at my house. Have a great rest of your day.


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