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Hi Ladies, I've returned from my mini vacation and enjoy my

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Hi Ladies, I've returned from my mini vacation and enjoy my time with my mom and seeing the Fall colours of the season, so beautiful. The demon has been around me the last few days hanging low, but there and hot flashes to boot. I am trying not to let the demon take control. Hope all is well with you ladies.

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Oct 12

Hi honey so glad that you had a great time with your mom. The colors are beautiful here in New England. I know the feeling still having the flashes but for some reason in bed this morning I got cold wow that has never happened to me. Sending healing hugs your way. xo

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Oct 12

Hey! Glad you got to see mom but who said the demon could go with you?!?! No fair!! Next time, open the door of the car and kick the cranky broad it if there!! Lol
Good to see you honey!!

Oct 12

Hi goodday nice you had a good time on your mini vacation. **** those pests demons!!!


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