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Hi i am so happy i found this group i just found out i am in

Hi i am so happy i found this group i just found out i am in menopause. I had no idea although i have been trying to no avail to get help for the past 4 years with the changes i have been experiencing. It all makes sense now. I am utterly exhausted, anxiety, depressed, itchy, foggy, forgetful, crying up and down moods, gained weight, What the hell no one ever told me this would ever be happening . If i hadn’t done the work to figure this out i would still be lost. My GYN was zero help my doctor as well chocked it up to depression. I literally want to die from feeling the way i do. I have never ever felt this in my life. I am going to an integrative MD who specializes in Bioidentical hormone replacement. I pray that along with supplements will work. I cannot go on like this this is literally hellish and scarey. I am trying to walk a bit even though i feel like i am walking dead. I just want to sleep all the time. This is awful. Sorry for the rant.

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Jul 15

@Celtic05 Hi I’m new here. And would like to know the name of the spray and the cream you are using. Thank you. I just have to say that any woman that survives menopause without actually killing anyone deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jul 15

I am 51 (very close to 52) and have already been suffering from depression and chronic fatigue for years and found it to be a lot worse, even on a low dose (1 mg) of estrogen. But I also live at high altitude (8,000 feet) and I realize I can't do this here. The estrogen cleared up the brain fog, but I needed to do more for the depression.

Jul 16

@Fprn You are welcome. I have even more reason to get back on the healthy eating/exercise wagon. Blood work came back from dr's office today and blood glucose is 239 (yikes) and liver enzymes are elevated. Hope the cream and spray help!!


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