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Hi! I am new to this... I hope to meet some nice people I ca

Hi! I am new to this... I hope to meet some nice people I can talk and relate to...

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Mar 13

@mechele Good morning! I'm a little confused with the oil and the little bottle and diluting, etc... I guess when I'm ready to order it I will let you know... It will probably take me a little time to order it, cause that's the way I am... Everything overwhelms me, and I'm scared of everything, it's terrible! Yeah, I get pinched nerves also.... Neat and orderly huh? OMG!!! I'm the same way... I'm obsessed with cleaning, being neat, organized, etc... I flip out for everything, I've gotten worse too, with everything though it seems.... Some days are just unbearable... Yesterday was a very bad day for me.... Oh, the itch... It's driving me crazy!! My nails are gonna all break, and I'm gonna have welts on my body soon... Lol... Although it's not funny at all, it makes me crazy!! I'm kinda worried about it cause I know sometimes it could be a sign of something serious.... I hope it's just from what you said... I've had it bad the last couple days...... Darn snow again!!! Do you live on the East coast? It's snowing again... That makes me crazy, with the mess and the floors, etc... I get crazy!!!! You mentioned about private messaging you... Do you mean on here? I'm not sure how to do that..., we can talk that way instead you mean? You've been really good at getting back... Thanks for all your help, and listening to me.... I'm going through so much stuff these days, it's sooo difficult!

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Mar 13

@Jerzeygirl good morning swetie.
I'm sorry to confuse you with the oil! The travel bottle that comes with the oil is to use full strength or if you need to, you can dilute it... you dont have to but it is an option that you may feel you need.
Don't be worried about being scared of everything. This is a scary time for so many of us. So many things are out of whack, we don't think right, get confused easily, can't sleep, blow up over minute things that we would normally shrug off. Have you read the list of 34 symptoms? is a great website that breaks down each symptom giving ideas for each one that can help.
You could look at the oil on Amazon, read the reviews and the overview and you might get a better idea of how it works and things it is good for. I may not be describing it well enough for you to understand what I'm saying.
Yes, I thought if you felt more comfortable speaking privately you could send me a private message. There are two ways to message me. All you have to do is click on my name then when the bubble pops up with the green support button on it, click my name again....that will take you to my profile will see a green "support me" button and under it a grey message button, click the message button and a message box will pop up that you can type in. OR... go yo the top of the screen and look for the message icons... click on it and it should say see all messages... click on that, it will take you to a message page and you would click on new message...type my name Into the header box , then write your message below. Just an invitation if you ever felt you needed to speak privately.
The time change has really thrown me off my rouitne...guess I wil, start to do my treadmill at night after work cause wow...I sure didn't want to get up at 5:30 this morning to get on it! I can sure tell I've missed a couple of days too!
Guess I better get rolling this morning...still need to get the dogs out for their walk and get ready for bed!
Yes I live on the east coast but deep South East coast. Our state is still recovering form hurricane Irma last September. We just got our roof done after 5 months of living with a blue tarp on it! We were on a waiting list for 4 of those months for our roofing materials! So glad it's over and can now get my ceiling painted and things back to normal!
Lots of hugs your way dear! Hope your day is great!

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Mar 13

@mechele Good eve!! Just wanted to let you know I private messaged you... Hopefully it all went through... Talk to you soon!


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