Hello! I’m new to the group. Not sure if this is the right

Hello! I’m new to the group. Not sure if this is the right step for me but worth a try. I’m 47 years old and am a cervical cancer survivor. That’s all great however it has thrown me into major peri menopause. I have Horrible mood swings, night sweats, off periods. My marriage is suffering, my relationship with my children is suffering. I am Suffering and I cant Seem to explain how I’m feeling to anyone. I have Manic episodes of anger, disorientation, brain fog. I am Active not overweight at all and I love Life and my job and my family. I just Don’t feel right. I have a deep loneliness inside. I am Tackling this naturally and headed back to the gym and taking some supplements. I dont Want to take medication if I can Help it. Any advice or help I coukd Use. I dont Really have anyone I feel Comfortable talking to right now so I’ve turned to this support group for some answers and maybe to feel not so alone. Thank you.

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Jan 7, 2018

Good morning and welcome to support groups! I know just wherenyou you! I felt the same exact way several years ago! The good news is that i have gotten it under control for about the past 5 years but it truly was alot of hard work first of all researching what in the world was even going on! Like you, I had some absolutely horrendous bouts with furious anger and rage that were becoming a huge part of my day and then the guilt that followed one of these episodes would send me to my bedroom for days afterwards wracked with guilt and unbearable uncontrolled crying fits! I felt so alone and EMPTY!
Luckily I had just quit smoking and one day I was so stressed that I got in my car and was headed out of my driveway to get a pack of cigarettes and hre came an ambulance to pick up my next door neighbor to take her to the hospital for a smoking related disease she was fighting. I took that as a HUGE sign form above and put my car back in the garage, came in the house and saw a commercial for a smoking quit line... I called them and they suggested a support group. That is the day I found this support group here! I am so grateful I did and have now been the moderator here for the past few years. The first day I came I joined the smoking group but didn't get much feedback so I came to the menopause group just to share a few feelings and a wonderful lady responded to me and shared the name of a book with me that has totally changed the way i am going thru the change! I have been stuck in perimenopause H*LL for 10 years now!
The name of the book is "WHAT YOUR DR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE" this book started the beginning of my extensive research on estrogen dominance. Once I began the supplements ( and added a few of my own) the book recommended, I actually was able to find enough patience (which was LONG gone) to start researching all the natural ways of dealing with this horrible time in oir lives! I had always been so easy going and laid back and let everything just slide off me...Well, THAT had certainly changed and all of a sudden I felt like I couldn't even go to the darn grocery store without wanting to tackle some of the other shoppers! Lol
You are on the right track with getting some good supplements. The most important one for me is magnesium! It controls over 300 bodily enzyme functions and most of our population is deficient in it because of the way our foods are grown and processed these days. However, magneisum is difficult to absorb so using chelated magneisum is best or using a transdermal magnesium oil spray that absorbs into the skin in about 30 minutes works great! Awesome for nerve function! I use a wonderful brand from Amazon called Kaiame Naturals ... It is undiluted and pure organic oil. You can dilute it with distilled water if it you need to but I toughed it out and use it full strength. At first , it was itchy and kinda felt like I was wearing a wool sweater for the first 20 minutes I put it on but the more I used it, the less I felt that. 15 to 20 sprays a day is the recommended dose.
Second best on my list is Vitamin D3..this is helpful with controlling mood swings and depression. I use 5000IU a day and split is up into 2 doses morning and night.
I also became aware of chemical estrogen in our environment. Theis sooo much of it that is in some of our cosmetics, shamooos and conditioners, lotions, air fresheners, candles, household cleaning products and many more products. This causes even more hormone imbalance and greatly intesifys the anger thing! I started recognizing the products that made things worse for me and began throwing them out! I also do not use PLASTIC that isn't BPA free!
There are several things that you need to either eliminate or drastically reduce in your daily life...caffeine and alcohol are huge causes of hot flashes and night sweats. Caffeine also will create more intense anger episodes.
I also began using Natural Progesterone Cream to help even out all of this exposure to environmental estrogen. This cream has saved my sanity and my marriage! It has evened our my moods along with the supplements, has brought back some of my libido, regulated my crazy cycle that was all over the place, and just plain made all of this more tolerable! This is NOT synthetic progestin which has the same nasty side effects that estrogen based HRT has. This is NATURAL made from soy and wild yam. This cream is available over the counter and I have safely been using it for the past 4 and a half years. This cream has sooo many wonderful benefits to it but must be used correctly to be of help to you! If you decide to try it, let me know and I will give you the directions to follow. The only people who have not benefited from this cream are the ones who haven't given it enough time to work or have used it incorrectly, using too much, too little or using it on areas of the body that have a LOT of fat tissue like thighs. It takes about 90 days for it to synch you hormones back up but you will start feeling some improvement in as little as a week. I use a brand found at vitamin Shoppe or Amazon called Source Natural brand...It is about $20 for a 4 oz jar and lasts about 2 months. Look it up on Amazon and read the reviews. I had an axing thing happen 2ith this cream in the first 90 days... I had a fibroid in my breast and 3 in my uterus for more than decade, after the first 90 days of use not only was the one in my breast gone but the 3 in my uterus showed significant shrinkage and are now completely gone.
I know this a LOT of info to take in but i wanted you to know that there is HOPE!
I hope you stop in often for supoort...you do not have to go thru this alone!
The magneisum is going to help the brain fog and disorientation! If you choose to use the pill form, start slowly so it doesn't cause direaha, as it is also known as a natural direretic! Start with 200mg of magneisum citrate or magnesium glyconate and always take it before bed! Will also help insomnia!
Hope to see you stop back in soon! Sending hugs for you to feel better!

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Jan 7, 2018

@mechele thank you so much for the feedback. I’m going to get some of the things you suggested and start taking them right away. Thank you again.

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Jan 7, 2018

@Cozyfor2 you Are so welcome honey! I truly thought I was losing my mind thru this and sooo grateful to have drug myself out of the pit of despair I was in.,
I was truly overwhelmed at all of this, I had always thought menopause was just the end to the horrible monthly visitor...I had NO idea all of this was involved!
I nearly wrecked all of my relationships in the early days of perimenopause...so glad to have found this info and enjoy sharing it with others in hopes that they can avoid the horror of what I've been thru!


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