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Everyone keeps telling me that I am to young to be pre menop


Everyone keeps telling me that I am to young to be pre menopausal. But there is definitely something wrong. I asked my doctor and she said I was to young it was just stress. Most of the women in my family have all had hysterectomies fairly young, like 40ish, so how do we know it doesn't run in the family. I am 38 and I have been feeling like this may be what is wrong with me for the past 2 years. Am I crazy? I do not have hot flashes. I am on a low dose birth control so my period is regular but has increasingly gotten less in flow. I cry at everything. I go into rages and get anxiety so often. I literally have NO sex drive, I couldn't be more uninterested in it. I am ALWAYS so tired and just have no energy. Any advice on what I could do or try would be so greatly appreciated!

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Aug 14

I will be having an appointment in a couple mths, I will def talk to him. Ohhhh, I didn't realize there was progesterone and progestin. I can't wait to get my book. I am excited. Hope you had a good day at work!

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Aug 15

@hbwc25 yes, that's where I was confused at first as well but since discovering the difference it all makes sooo much sense And I am protecting myself from "lady cancer" ..i can definitely see why there is so much of it!
I cheated when I first got my book and looked in the back that outlined the program for using the vream and some of the vitamins to use then went back and read the book.... lol
I posted for janene how to exactly use the cream .(-there is a right and wrong way,) if you can scroll down and find her post for the directions...if you can't find it, let me knwo and I will repost for you. I'm so exited for you t9 feel better honey...I remember so well my days of massive hormone imbalance and hope I never revisit those days!
Off to the Dr with hubby this morning...hope he has a good visit! Loads of hugs your way for a great day ahead!

Aug 20

I got my book in the mail yesterday! I am so excited. I am going to look right now to find the post. I honestly can not thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me. It means more than you know! You are such an amazing person seriously!. I hope your husbands doc visit went well. Hope all has been well with you! Have a great day


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