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Day 4 off Marijuana after 33 years constant use, I finally h


Day 4 off Marijuana after 33 years constant use, I finally had a decent day, my mood is clearing up and I feel alive, I can honestly say its already getting better, I am not feeling the withdraw effects nearly as much and am able to sleep ok. I have decided that NO sour event will suffice as an excuse to use/smoke again not because I need to be strong ( fighting ones self never works), but rather because it will simply make whatever problem WAY WAY worse. This I know and believe with all of my heart and being. I have been High as a kite since I was 11, absolutely full-time since 13 I have ran out only a handful of times I am 44 now. The levels of awake-ness I am beginning to feel is amazing yet slow. Here is another side effect; I am not stuffing my face major at night and with sweets now. Don't ever give in, Never quit fighting for freedom in all areas of consciousness old-stoner!

Mar 14

Wow, such an inspiring post. I can't relate exactly to what you have experience but the willpower you have, I hope to achieve one day. The mind should be under our control and not the other way around.

brendanhill's picture
Mar 18

Thanks for this post. Very inspiring to a 54 year old who's been using weed for 38 years.
Thanks again. Stay strong.

Apr 23

My story is almost the same. Been smoking heavily every day for 19 years. I’m also at day 4 right now and I’m really struggling. I tried cold turkey the first couple days but I feel like I’m dying. I’ve had to hit me pen a few times. But I figure it’s better than the 1/8 th a day I was smoking


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