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What do you do if there is only you left in your life. No fa

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What do you do if there is only you left in your life. No family, close friends, relatives...just you & 4 walls?

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Oct 4

@kbabygrand Yeah, i know and that is why i sm preparing for a trip back to nj. I really want to share with the world that it doesn't necessarily matter who you are. Everybody is capable of doing amazing things like Jason Mcelwain. Speaking of him, they should do a follow up on his life to see if he is okay. Because it shows that people who we do not knowledge can be capable of doing something amazing. I can't throw a 3 pointer

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Oct 4

hi, I live aloe too and Im left without a family. Do you wanna chat sometimes? I am supporting you. support me back if you want so we can talk

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Oct 7

@lakewolf wow, that is a lot of work hours which i assume caused so much stress & bad health you were forced to cope however you could - turned out ok! Thanks for the encouragement as well...


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