Things are ramping up with my move away. Finally sold the h

Things are ramping up with my move away. Finally sold the house and will be out of here shortly. Well, that leaves me wondering, I'm kind of scared about what the future holds for me at my age. But mostly I feel lonely and sad most of the time. I mean, I do have a wonderful family. But no one can really understand my position, nor help me much. In poor health, it really makes me wonder, how I'll fare. Thankfully what friends I have are really great and care about me. But the thing is they're mostly either far away or older than me and in poor health as well.

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Mar 3

@DGrace okay, thank you

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Mar 4

I really hope things will go smoothly for your move. It can be pretty stressful. I think I have moved 9 times...just ridiculous. Each time i told myself...get rid of this stuff LOL.

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Mar 5

@Littlesis7, me too. I got rid of two sofa sets, half my clothes. I got rid of several chairs, a desk and three book shelves, two side tables, etc.


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