There are many clouds tonight but it’s healing my soul to

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There are many clouds tonight but it’s healing my soul to be outside moon gazing , ( tomorrow is full moon, ) connecting to my other half on the other side.
However it works. I don’t want to feel alone.
I do feel pain. Sadness. And I think it’s because I long to be back with my whole self.
It doesn’t matter whether I’m with another human being or not. (It may distract me for a moment.)
I’ve been in relationships where I literally would crawl on top of them and lay heart to heart. I couldn’t get close enough to feel the way I wanna feel. I still feel the longing.
Maybe it’s because I’m disconnected to a point from my other side. Maybe it’s because I’m here in this world. This is a very dense reality. It’s heavy. I don’t know exactly.
I’m searching for answers every day. So, I figure this. No matter what we’re feeling, we know that time passes here. We move along through this world quickly. So before we know it, we will be on the other side. Reconnected with everything. Home.
So I would I want to share this because I want us to do whatever we can to feel a little less lonely. A little bit less sadness. Maybe laugh a little. Feel some joy. Make the best of it. Because before you know it , this journey here on this earth ... will all be over.
So we might as well just enjoy it while it’s here.
I have found medical medium podcast meditations very enjoyable. There are some on YouTube as well that are enjoyable.
In the calm , is a YouTube channel that has a few nice meditation videos.
Do you like water? Walking outside,inside? Do you like music? Dancing? What is your first memory of what you did as a kid that was fun?
Mine was running around outside with my neighbor friends.
I’ve always loved people.
I started swimming at 9/10 and loved that.

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Apr 28

I also went out the other night to the amazing 'pink moon' and love gazing and soaking up it's incredibleness...I was born at night, always a nightowl and a 'moon child'. It just feels right, like the hush of the world, little activity allows for the hidden things to finally emerge.
I cannot stand fake ppl talking non-stop about ridiculous things, loud intrusive repetitive garbage...I literally cringe. Weird thing is my partner is the exact opposite of me.
Whaaaaat did I do to myself, tangle myself into years of being trapped in mediocrity??
Why is it SO hard to allow ourselves to BE ourselves?
Yes, life is short and all the more reason to act quickly and decide about our happiness!
I love swimming in a beautiful lake, but not really in a chlorine pool even tho it's probably the best excercise one can do...

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Apr 28

@Littlesis7 lol.. cool. I’m loving a good storm right now and eating dinner at 10:30pm.
I don’t know about your partner but I do think opposites attract. It may be nice to have Some friends we are similar to as friends as well as different but I don’t wanna roll over in bed every morning and see myself. I like different. I like different friends too. It just depends I guess. I have someone in mind that you might like. Certifiedhealthnut on YouTube.

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May 4

@LollyNews Just getting back to see this--crazy work week.
I agree and i usually end up eating after 9 every single night...!!
You're right about opposites attracting and life would be so boring w/o the ppl who arre not wired like me lol.
Ok, I'm up for looking into somebody on YT


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