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Sometimes it takes a major incident to realise how lonely yo

Sometimes it takes a major incident to realise how lonely you are. It's not a nice feeling

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Jan 4

Hi there. How are you feeling now? Would you like to share what's going on? Please know that we're all here to help and support you. Looking forward to hear from you. Hugs!

BarbaraO's picture
Jan 4

Hi. So sorry you're lonely. I know it's not a nice feeling and I sympathize with you but please know that people in this support group care about you, so hang in there. I find the winter weather and holidays are the worst to get through. I like to get out and take walks - for me that helps but sometimes, with all the rain - it's hard to get walks in.

Feb 10

@Crazyydaisy No it’s not a nice feeling at all. Even when you try so had to keep yourself company or comfortable you still feel loneliness within. It would take sometime or you would just have to be with someone that would make you happy.


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