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some one asked me on another post who my favorite guitarists

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some one asked me on another post who my favorite guitarists were (I play), and it gave me an idea. I dint want to hijack the other post, which wasn't about any such thing, and I wanted to open the question to the group. who are some of your favorite musicians?
for me, to answer the question: Brett Gurewitz and Greg Graffin (vocals). Dave Mustaine. El Hefe and Fat Mike (bass). Jimmy Page and John Bonham (drums). Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee (bass) and Neil Peart (drums). Justin Sane. Shane MacGowan (vocals). T. Duggins (mandolin). Geezer Butler (bass) Randy Rhoades. Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris (bass). I could go nd on (unless otherwise noted, all are guitarists)
now, you...

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Jan 14

@norseduncan - As a guitarist I have to weigh in on this thread. Stanley Jordan and Pat Metheny are two of my favorites now. I saw Jimmy Page play with Zeppelin and I was standing in front of the stage and was blown away when he took out a violin bow and started playing his guitar with that. Here's Stanley Jordan using his two handed tapping technique on Stairway to Heaven

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Jan 14

@kisobel I was wondering if youd weigh in! love both those guys! I wish I was good enough for jazz guitar. or piano.

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May 8

Bryan Adams


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