On a very personal level, I've concluded I prefer loneliness

On a very personal level, I've concluded I prefer loneliness to being around a person of poor character, unless I can somehow help that person to better themselves, which is usually never the case. They can easily seek experts and spiritual guidance for such improvements. Of course, I appreciate the company of ya'll here. And so please don't think I'm referring to any in this group. I have met some pretty bad people in my life. And others, who were much like angels. Others somewhere in between. Just saying it is okay to be alone rather than with a person of bad character. It's not that I think I'm better than such persons. Nor do I think somehow I'm a superior individual or whatever. It's just that I'm done being abused. And that is all. Done, done and done.

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Mar 17

@Foundlove, Thank you. And I hope the same thing for you as well.

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Apr 7

@Scat There's a phrase in Spanish that I love when I feel strange, when I'm missing "people" or company. I don't think it's preferring loneliness, but solitude. anyway, I love this phrase
: "Mas vale sola, que mal acompaƱada". Google Translator says this: "It is better alone than in bad company." and I agree. I'm sorry that you''ve not been having good days - I saw you posted in "divorce" and you've been having some rough days. I can relate to the feeling of "not belonging" or feeling stagnant. I wonder how much Covid has affected many in that way - covid really has affected us all,. I'm kind of going through that. I feel on pause as well for several reasons - a bit of an uncertain future on my side. but I don't doubt, that things will begin to move and happen for you, and hopefully in the direction you want. I don't believe in any kind of karma or even religion, but I do think that things will happen in the right moment but sadly, the waiting just sucks. For me, I just keep doing the things I NEED to do because I have nothing better to do. I have my pups and I have to study for uni entrance exams (that's what I'm waiting for ). You will find that place to live and you will find where you belong. I think right now, it's like moving up that roller coaster, the slow rise before the ride begins and it takes off., but the waiting just sucks. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm being supportive by saying it just sucks to wait. However, you're not alone and I'm glad you're here posting. I hope you feel better soon and you have better days. <3

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Apr 8

@Moma_York Aww, thanks for sharing. That's really sweet of you. :)


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