This week's Brilliant New Topic: It is Thanksgiving next week y'all, where has the year gone???
November 19th, 2020


Not too bad.. Just joined actually. I'm in my 70's and faci

Not too bad.. Just joined actually. I'm in my 70's and facing loneliness etc. I'm married but my wife is in the Philippines and haven't seen her in over a year due to Covid and immigration delays caused by the same. So here I sit, just me and my cat! Oh my God that does sound depressing right! But, I stay active and healthy.. I do have insecurities and an inferiority complex especially when it comes to friendships with women.. Yet I seem to have more women friends (all platonic) than men - go figure! I often think I'm at bit messed up. It used to bother me but not so much anymore..

Nov 22

Hi. Sorry you're having to miss your wife. I am lonely most of the time but that is due to poor decisions in the past. Im sorry ur suffering.


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