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my therapist suggested trying to root out the negative thing

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my therapist suggested trying to root out the negative things and focus on the positive, no matter how small or insignificant they are and i thought that was the dumbest thing i've ever heard, but then on my way home i started jokingly making a list in my head of silly and stupid little "plus sides" of being alone/feeling isolated, and i thought y'all might have some others as well. my list right now:

1. no one's around when you're jamming to a song in your car and accidentally sing really loudly during a pause, so you don't feel that embarrassment.
2. you get more french fries because there's no one to try and sneak some off your plate.
3. no one's gonna borrow your car and return it with a half tank of gas.
4. when you're shopping at a mall, you can try on as many clothes as you want without feeling like you're holding someone up/wasting someone's time
5. less money spent on christmas presents that probably won't be kept past february--this may seem like a downside because you're not ~gift giving~ but this also means you can use some of that money that would have been used on a nice scarf for an acquaintance and instead buy someone really close to you a concert ticket instead.
6. no one is around to judge you for crying over FRIENDS reruns
7. also, no one is around to spoil any tv shows you haven't seen yet.
8. you automatically get the pizza toppings you want on the pizza every time. no compromise necessary.
9. you can pick up more shifts at work, cause like, what else are you gonna do.

please add any upsides you can think of, even the stupidest ones! healing through humor!! also i'd really like to laugh today, it's been a pretty rough friday.

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Aug 13

I think you are doing a Great job here! I could add:

10. being able to spend more quality time with the goldfish
11. learning more from infomercials at 3am
12. cultivating my popcorn-in-bed habit
13. actually using the bed for sleeping... give or take the stray bits of popcorn
14. just enjoying the moment with absolutely NO distractions or obligations

I kept a gratefulness journal for months at one point, and it really helped to turn me into an optimist. Well, less of a pessimist, anyway. Keep up the good work.


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