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My depression got better for quite awhile, but earlier this

My depression got better for quite awhile, but earlier this week I pushed a friend of mine to open up and now that person isn't talking to me. This is what happens I just always end up with people neither mad at me or hating me. My paychecks are so small that I am seriously considering looking for another job (Ive been at this job for almost 2 years and since I was 15. recently turned 17) So my feeling really low is back. it has been a really bad week. My suicidal thoughts are coming back. after i worked so hard to keep them out. If you are reading this... Thank You for taking the time to listen.

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May 16


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May 16

you could always go to college and try to meet like minded people i did and made friends for a life time just the sad part is i had to leave them behind due to graduating a few weeks ago.

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May 16

I’m sorry you are going through this.
Glad to know that you are seeing a counselor. I pray you get well soon and God’s comfort be upon you.
Keep us posted , Hugs! :-)


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