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Loneliness looks like: Being 31 and still struggling to cre

Loneliness looks like:
Being 31 and still struggling to create a foundation of a normal life
Having every attempt at a romantic relationship fail
Having only one real boyfriend who turned out to be a narcissist
Hating every job I've ever had and feeling like a square peg in a round hole
Not having a core group of friends from high school or college
Feeling so lonely at night after my break-up, I actually have the desperation to miss my narc ex and crave his company because sometimes I feel like it's better than nothing.

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Dec 11

Sorry for the loneliness that you feel. I know that at times the holidays can be more lonely than others. I was just reading an article the other day that was talking about answering the questions in our hearts and serving others to help with the loneliness. Hugs to you.

Dec 12

@sunandflowers yes. I have been doing my best to be involved in interacting with others and I also researched volunteer projects to become involved in.
It’s amazing how spending time with people makes a HUGE difference! With my small efforts, I’m already feeling better.

Dec 12

feeling the exact same way at the moment.. Its so difficult when you dont have that solid foundation ..


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