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Last year I stopped taking cymbalta because I didn't feel an

Last year I stopped taking cymbalta because I didn't feel antidepressants were working for me. In fact when I started taking it I had a bad reaction, I cried so hard for months I thought I would die.When I stopped taking it I noticed that I became aware of how lonely I was. All day I feel lonely and it's killing me.

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Aug 29

@Craigmih I'm so glad you did that! Have you found anyone in the group that you connect with, feel closer to? Perhaps you could meet some of these people outside of the group on a more regular basis. Please let us know how you are doing.

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Dec 13

@TheMirrorintheaudience I was just searching LATUDA on this site and found your post. OMG!!!!...I just started on it 2 1/2 weeks ago and it is doing the same exact thing to me. But 3 hours after the episode I am very good. So 21 out of 24 hours each day I am good. I hope you are still on this site and can update on how the Latuda is working now, if you are still on it

Dec 14

@Whatstheuseanymore thanks for responding to my post it's much appreciated.I don't take Latuda and never did. I'm off all antidepressants right now because I never felt they helped with my sadness. I hope your doing well and hang in there .


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