Just to broken , to many pieces, to different, to difficul

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Just to broken , to many pieces, to different, to difficult , not enough good things to love so I spend my life alone.

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Mar 25

Not my daughter's dog. I don't know how that got there. But she was my dog. She was my 14 year old pit. Name Sandy Girl. Best dog in the world. Now I sleep next to her ashes and made a lil urn necklace that I put her ashes in and wear it. Since she always followed me everywhere . Now I take her everywhere I go. I miss her. I think I going t o change my profile pic and put hers there now.!

Mar 25

I feel your pain. I am so broken too, my days are so hard to bear. Somehow they pass, and another one passes, but there is no meaning. I feel so alone too. I hope today is better for you than when you posted. I hope you're getting by ok. I'm really sorry to hear about your cat. You deserve to be loved. <3

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Mar 25

@MarcyChaotic your not broken, or difficult. In fact your just perfect, in your own way. If you get out and try to find mr right. He'll be there for you & your son. So tonight ask a friend to babysit, and another to act as a wing man for you, and soon we'll hear how happy you are


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