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Its very hard to connect with people........who are all thes

Its very hard to connect with people........who are all these strangers that Facebook is calling my. "friends"

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Iniwan's picture
Jan 14, 2018

@Faithx7 If you read my first reply maybe you'd think that i do see the problem. And people come to the internet to complain about it. Lots of them. It's impossible to miss on that.:)
It's the reason why i gave solutions but seems like you just wanted to vent and be validated. My bad.

Jan 14, 2018

This thread makes me want to call this the Loneliness/Existential Debate support group. So many interesting ideas sparked by this! Why do we hide behind our phones/PCs? It's really nifty that I can type this and people who are across the world can read and reply and add a little fuel to everyone's socialization hearth, but ultimately we all want friends close at hand who we can invite over for dinner or coffee, watch a movie with, go for a walk with, and talk with. I have had real friends who engaged where the focus was on each other and common interests, not just self. What has changed so that self became the object to be absorbed by? Is it solely the fault of technology? feeling a little less lonely...

Faithx7's picture
Jan 14, 2018

@Iniwan for some reason not all the posts are sequential on my no I didn't see any other reply except the one I responded to.........and I wasn't "venting" nor was I seeking validation. No problem....Be well.


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