im so tired of being a loser. ive been a loser every since

im so tired of being a loser.
ive been a loser every since middle school and im tired of it.
i mean ive made friends here and there but they all end up doing me wrong eventually...
is it me ? am i doing something wrong?
because ive tired so many things to make people stay in my life but they always end up throwing me away like a bag of trash.
Every time i try it seems like my life gets worst and wost.
i mean i have a roof over my head, a mom whos there for me, and a family that loves me so im not being ungrateful but i just hate going to work then coming home just to be alone every day.
I try to be as nice as i can to any one who comes in contact with me but people just seem to hate me for no reason.
i really just dont get it.
is this god punishing me for something ive done ? or was i just born to be all alone and a loser.
i know having friends isnt really the most important thing in life but i would just like to have some.
idk what to do anymore , i wait and wait but nothing gets better.
im already about to be 21 and its just to much for me at this point.
maybe i should just end it all....

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