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im so lonely and I don't know what to do

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im so lonely and I don't know what to do

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7 hours ago

I agree with jwls regarding outside factors which contributed to being alone. It's not easy but try as we must to find what makes us happy to fill the lonely times. Meet the right people, find things we enjoy, explore options. We deserve to be happy and it must be out there and within ourselves to find it. Hugs

5 hours ago


Hi... " apostrophes " seem to be appearing as "’". From my graphics background, it's most likely that those apostrophes are being "automatically" typed as "curved", but this website is not recognizing them. I'm not an IT or PC-literate person, but my basic Mac-skills seem to recall that it may be due to the default "SmartQuote" settings on your computer or cell phone. Ironically, the "generic" apostrophes ( ' ) and quotes ( " ) are actually characters for feet and inches, respectively. I found a link that may help:

I hope I didn't further confuse you.

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49 minutes ago

I am feeling lonely too. No friends to talk to. You can talk to me, I am on line most of the day, Hope you feel better soon.


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