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I'm beginning to think that trying to find my "soulmate", or

I'm beginning to think that trying to find my "soulmate", or at the very least someone I like and and have things in common with is an Effort in Futility.

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wellwellwell's picture
Jul 17

Bro, I think it is simply "Supply and Demand", In a western country and your older (not in 20's) it is hard. Overseas I put up an on-line ad and get 30 phone numbers.... in los Angeles - I have to send 10 emails to get 1 response.... maybe 20 to get 1 date. Overseas... I have to fight them of with a stick. I always have several backups for attractive women overseas. It' is just "Supply and Demand". There is nothing wrong with you. Women on-line get hundreds of responses if they are attractive, this confuses them into thinking they could get anything they want. So they keep increasing their requirements and end up ...staying single. (It's a social media disease).

Cavaliere's picture
Jul 17

Thank you for that!

WanderingWonderer's picture
Jul 17

i agree with Wellwell regarding the social media disease due to the peverts online skewing women's perspective. This misunderstanding between sexes causes tension and confusion in real life as a result. But if we men put our armor or shield to protect our selves from this current social problem, it will just cause further distance from the solution. keep faith of love in your hearts for only love can conquer hate. hate can not conquer hate. love is about willfully surrendering to each other. there's a difference between being submissive and overextending. just trying to reiterate to the people that love has no boundaries. that's true courage and protection.


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