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idk why im a doing this.. i just need help but other time i

idk why im a doing this.. i just need help but other time i said no i can do this alone and later back to cut my arms and take pills, idk how to deal with the idea that im going to be alone forever because no matter how much oportunities someone give me like their girlfriend or just a friend i always messed up all by hurt them a lot, i guess i deserve to die alone.

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INFP's picture
Mar 26

@Tori_galaxy hey I will not imply I have the answers but maybe you need to analyze what YOU think you do wrong. Al people can improve an if bad habits bring you so much grief, focus on changing them. Maybe working on this will give you motivation to go on. It can also help to see which people are helpful and which are not right now. Try to surround you whit happy and motivational people if you do not have those watch video's on YouTube off such a people. And if you really hit a wall and don't want to move on I would consider looking for a therapist with who you can have a good connection.

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Mar 26

@INFP when all this coronavirus thing stop i will try find a therapist but for now everything that makes me happy doesnt makes me happy anymore also is like whatever i try to do a voice in my head said stop wasting time do something really usefull and then i feel bad again for wasting time

also yes im alone but thats because i make myselft been alone and i know thats wrong but all i do is bad, i just want to make all right and stop do the bad stuff again everyday

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Mar 27

@Tori_galaxy have you looked for an online therapists? i know that many places are working to move toward online, it just takes some time, i heard of a place in my town, they are offering counseling online and free for the next three week or so.


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