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I was told being newlyweds is hard but I didnt imagine it be

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I was told being newlyweds is hard but I didnt imagine it being this hard. We got married in February and then the pandemic hit. Both are jobs were gone and the honeymoon canceled. We have been home together for two months and to add on top my granddad just passed away. I stay busy with house work and job hunting but my husband just stays on his computer all day. It's not that I'm tired of him, it's that i miss the old us. Being excited to see each other after work, getting dressed up for each other, simply wanting each other. But now i have to beg and plead for attention only three months in. I can help but feel he doesn't want me anymore or at least doesnt appreciate me anymore. I called him out on it the other night and he just stares blankly like a dear in the headlights. It might be the pandemic talking but I cant help but feel that I am dancing alone to a dance I'm suppose to have a partner with.

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May 26

Why not sit down with him and plan a date twice a week, 1 day you plan, the other, he does, you can dance in the living room, order in food, have a glass of wine, trade off massages...life has changed, you two just have to find things that ignite the spark again.


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