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i was talking to someone but he wasn't for me after all we w

i was talking to someone but he wasn't for me after all we weren't really right for each other thank god we weren't dating but i guess was close to it but his qualities i didn't like so I told him straight up sorry this isn't gonna work he triggered my anxiety and kept pressuring me to meet up.

Aug 2

@luna1994, you did the right thing by being honest with the man. I am sorry that he pressured you and it sparked anxiety within you. I strongly encourage you to block his communication: phone number and any other source of contact. How did you handle your anxiety?

Aug 2

No decent guy is going to pressure you, and it's okay to just chat if u tell him I like chatting but dont want to meet that's okay and if he says well I dont want to chat anymore then that's okay too. I have been on those sites more than enough, I find it deflating

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Aug 2

@Sabio77 i told my threapist about tjhe panic attack


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