I spend most of my day in my place alone on the PC talking t


I spend most of my day in my place alone on the PC talking to people or watching TV. Basically stuff just to pass the day. I don't go anywhere except to the store. I talk to tons of people online I just feel lonely after. It doesn't feel as satisfying.

I'm anti-social mostly so I'm fine with not having friends offline or places to go. At times I became depressed and feel so isolated makes me honestly want to cry sometimes. I don't know why I love being alone but doing it for months or years without any place to go or any casual hangouts.

I wish I had a car. I would just drive places. I walk to most places and there's nothing within walking distance near me so I stay in the house most of the day. The people online I don't want them to know how desperate I am I just conceal my emotions. I'd think they become depressed at my mood and stop talking to me if I told them

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Oct 2

I keep busy with work and talk to my co-workers. It helps somewhat. I am looking at a to do list for the coming year as we are coming to the end of this year. It went so quickly. During the winter season have to try to keep busy until Spring when it is best to spend more time outdoors for things other then work.

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Oct 9

Sorry you are having a hard time. I am a bit antisocial myself. people are hard for me. But more so when u feel u have to hide ur self. I just stop doing it. Now I’m not more social but the small few people in my life I feel they accept me and understand. Someone once told me and it stuck with me. That i hadnt found “my people” yet. And all it means is that u haven’t found the people who r like u, that love and accept u for u, that will be there and not want anything but ur best and give u love not for doing anything but cuz u r u..

Oct 9

Aww mate, i feel for you. I have like my own company over the years as I didnlt want to come across as a needy or desperate guy but by being anti social we just perpetuate the problems

you can see by story in below link


but I try to spend as little time as possible in my house, you might ask why? It is simple, no one is going to see or talk to me if I hide away, the problem at best will remain, at worst will become bigger. I try to just sit in cofee shops o go to the gym or just wonder the streets, That way I might come acros someone one day and things might change, in the mean time if nothing else, it atleast passes and kills time and takes my mind off things.

I am a muslim, but never been really been too religious to be honest but I have found praying has helped me, it may not have reduced my loneliness but by thinking about my loneliness I used to get really anxious all the times, but praying has got rid of my anxiety. Perhaps you could try meditation or something similar if religion is not your thing.

In the mean time, use this site to express your emotions, no one is going to judge you here mate promise, we are all in the same boat here and need to spread a bit of love and friendships between ourselves, so be yourself, however hard you are finding it we will try our best to cheer you up mate.

In the meantime I will say a little prayer for you tonight, no one deserves to be lonely, its a cruel existence that I would not wish upon anyone. take cure buddy and hope to hear from you soon :)

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