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I live with my family which consists of my parents, my two s


I live with my family which consists of my parents, my two sisters, my brother and my god brother but I always feel like I'm alone. I have friends including a girlfriend but I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about how I truly feel. I've been drinking a lot more lately because that's the only thing that's been making me happy. Honestly I've had about 5 Shots tonight and I'm currently wishing there was a better way because I know my liver won't last forever

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Man, and the better way thing, I wish I knew, I'm currently not in a good place, this is one of those last resort things. I figured maybe I could at least get on here and find something to say to somebody going thru shat, so at least I would know I'm not alone.


The bad thing about family, stuff like this ain't easy to talk about, alot of times it's because they're dealing with similar thoughts and its not real easy to discuss. And there's this stigma attached to all this we go thru. I'm not hitting on anything am i. My bad bro, I'm just rambln.

Aug 10

@v1nd1cta_d3b3llat0r I appreciate everything you've said to me. Message me and when I'm sober I'll let you know by I feel this way sometimes


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