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"I just hang on and suffer well. Sometimes its hard to tell.

"I just hang on and suffer well. Sometimes its hard to tell." Depeche Mode

Feb 10

Hi there. Is everything okay with you? I know it's not easy to go through things that comes our way, but it gives so much relief when we share our problems with good listeners. Looking forward to hear from you. Hugs!

Feb 11

Life sucks! its never going to be a smooth sail or a bowl of cherries. I am having the college life more and more everytime I have to life another day of learning and spending hours doing homework. Its so frustrating that I am pretty much crying every time I get into my homework. I get so frustrated to easily. It seems like it never lets up! Simple things turn into a big fricken hassel! eg take a picture to upload to the website to set up your account for your test. It took me oveer a half an hour to get it to work because my phone photo was too big, the scanned picture was too big. finally got a hold of my classmate and I had to take the phone photo of ID, email it to myself then copy the picture into my computer then upload it to the website. Everytime I turn around there is another pile of bs to deal with that shouldn't be neccessary. I am sick of complaining about the same looping school bs to my mom and I know she is sick of hearing me complain about it. I am tired of finding the strength everyday to get through this course. I have no choice not to quit because I need to get a career for myself. when I get upset its no point and walking away from it and taking a break. That doesn't do any good because I have to come right back and face the annoyance so what's the point? I can't do this during a test either. I am stressed, lonely (relationship none existant and another issue), fed up and really hating the crying thing. looked into online therapist but can't afford their fees. The school counciling doesn't have online options just face to face, not interested in that route. "Hang in there" pisses me off more, "almost there" is just as bad. Almost is not it's finally over! Where is that dam EASY button?!

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