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I had communicated long distance with someone i met online (

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I had communicated long distance with someone i met online (shocker right?) and me and him really set things off and "vibed" on a level that wasn't physical. Never met someone with such a similar thought pattern as me and it blew my mind! We were doing great but he promised he would fly out last week! of course i was excited but he ended up bailing on me.... I took time off work and paid for our hotel just so he could ignore me and eventually tell me he slept with someone and wants nothing to do with me...

Jun 13

Hon unfortunately what you must realize is most of these things are scams or fishing they purposely ask and want to know everything about you and fish for info all the while promising a meetup then when they run out of excuses to meet they magically find someone else and you are left with nothing but a memory till you find out they pulled a credit card in your name hon I’m sorry this world is so sick and their are people out there that take advantage of others be more careful and never reveal to much until you meet ok

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Jun 13

I am sorry, that sucks.

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Jun 13

It doesn't matter anymore for remorse. He's gone and it's good. Nobody needs a cheater or liar. Take your time and search for another good guy. There are a lot of guys who really appreciate true love so keep trying. You will surely get one :)


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