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I feel so lonely even though I'm in a relationship. I have n

I feel so lonely even though I'm in a relationship. I have nobody to talk to, I feel completely alone. nobody can understand how I feel and when I try to explain people quickly give up its like I'm not worth anything to anyone people say they care but when it matters I'm not worth the trouble

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Dec 7

@PetiteBrunette but thank you very much

Dec 8

I certainly understand what you're experiencing. Are you feeling any better? For me, I always felt like I tried to go the extra mile, but found this was very seldom reciprocated. I guess I just finally surrendered, trying to stay out of my head, and started trying to be a better friend to those people I do like. I have found that I am happier giving then not, so I try to be there for them without leaning too hard. My partner feels I should find my own happiness, that we should be happy separate and together. Which I do get intellectually, but I don't discuss this with him anymore, nor anyone else but here.

I don't want this to be about me, but I just wanted to say I understand. There is some truth in being a shining light to attract others. Have you considered volunteering? Big hugs again.

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Dec 8

We all here in this forum struggle with loneliness, you are not alone! We are here for you.


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