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I feel so alone. I mean, I like being alone, but I don't wa


I feel so alone. I mean, I like being alone, but I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want someone to share life with again.

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justamomof2's picture
Mar 28

That's very normal-and a great thing to want. Have you considered joining some volunteer or special interest organizations and just meeting new people and learning some new talents or interests? Being happy with yourself is attractive to other people-friends and potential more than friends. Please let us know how you're doing, and whether you embark on some new adventures.

Mar 28

@justamomof2 at present because of the virus things are tough. Nobody is hiring and I am done with my job by April 12th. I have 2 chronic conditions that I feel I am just supposed to push through. Make a better life so others will be happy.

Ad-astra-per-aspera's picture
Mar 28

Yeah I know that feeling. I agree with Luna1994. When we isolate ourselves for too long we dig ourselves into a hole which is very hard to get out of. And the longer we isolate the deeper that hole becomes. Try and put yourself out there. Easier said than done but keep trying. I'm still in my deep hole.


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